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I have a bunch of different project ideas, I'll post the stuff as I make progress on them. Enjoy!

5-31-2008 * Although this may look pretty cool, this was extremely easy to make. It shows how powerful the tools are. Link below will lauch an AVI.
5-26-2008 * Here are a couple of guns I worked on. I have a bunch of projects queued up in different stages of completion, I'm thinking about setting up a WIP section.
10-13-2007 * I've been getting back into Doctor Who, both old and new episodes so I wanted to have my own TARDIS. This one is very basic but could use some better textures.
8-18-2007 * Been working on the Unreal rocket launcher. The modeling was simple enough but the textures have been taking a lot of tweaking. Will keep tweaking this in my spare time.
7-29-2007 * Well, Here's my first shot at a car (Nissan 350z). It ended up being much harder than I anticipated. I may attempt another one once my skill level improves.
7-10-2007 * This is a project I've been meaning to get to for almost two years. This tutorial (Dreadnaught 2) comes from 3d-palace.com and was very fun to do. Took about 2 weeks and is about 195,000 polys. I messed around with different textures & things but put in a couple of clean shots to show the details.